Cut Broom in Bloom
Vancouver Island & BC Mainland's Grassroots
Scotch Broom
Containment Campaign

Broombusters has a single simple mission - to control the spread of Scotch Broom
Broombusters started in 2006 in Qualicum Beach & Coombs, BC.   Broombusters is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia, Canada.  The catchy name was created by the original Broombusters group in 2006, and we hope to keep that name as an umbrella society that can cover and inspire many communities all over!  Please respect the use of the name and our slogans.  We're happy to include your group or community under the Broombusters umbrella, not because we want credit, but because there is strength in our unity and combined efforts.  It's inspiring to know that other groups are out there doing what you do.  Please contact us.  Thanks for all you do for the planet and the future!

Cut Broom in Bloom!  Cut the Bloomin' Broom! 

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What do Broombuster volunteers do? 
Broombusters are ordinary people who get out loppers in April and May and cut down the flowering broom plants to create broom free zones, parks and towns. If done properly, cutting broom at ground level in bloom will kill the broom plant.  Even when we cannot eliminate the broom, we can certainly stop the spread by cutting off the yellow flowers.  We have had great support from many townships and the Ministry of Transportation. We welcome anyone and everyone to join us, no matter where he or she lives. Email or call to find out how you can help and what support is available in your town and community. If no one is currently active in your area, that is all the more reason to contact us! It is very easy to get brombusting active in your area.

We welcome you to join us, but you don't need to be a Broombuster to do what people have been doing on many continents for centuries. Cut broom in bloom!

What does Broombusters Invasive Plant Society do?
* Broombusters cannot be responsible for removing cut broom.  Contact us first for advice.
1. Posts information about broom cutting events that any participating community organizes.
2. Connects with townships and ministries to arrange broom pick ups, etc.
3. Provides help so that neighbors can get together to remove and prevent the spread of broom. Broom tends to just run down the street, and it is only when neighbors communicate and join together, that this type of spread can be controlled. Broombusters acts as a comunication central for coordinated activities.
4. Posts pictures and information on line about other broombusters, which encourages us all!
5. Posts information that can be downloaded and shared, as neighbors talk to neighbors, and groups talk to towns.
6. Most "broombusting" is done by individuals on their own time. However, we all watch each other at work. The piles of broom on the roadside cut by volunteers everywhere assures us that we part of a collective effort to save our native species, protect pasture lands and forests. (If volunteers want to work on public roads, they need to sign the Adopt-a-Hwy insurance form.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Broombusters does not actually sponsor these events. It is the residents and communities that make it happen! That's YOU. But we are here to help you be successful.

People have been trying to control broom since the beginning of broom. Not every one is a Broombuster. Thanks to all of them! Keep up the good work. However, if you want to be a Broombuster, please be in touch with us. Everyone always cuts at their own risk.
Click here for information about waiver forms & Adopt-a-Hwy forms. Waiver forms.

What is Broombusters Mission?
Our mission is to prevent the spread of Scotch broom. Broombusters's mission is to educate and empower communities to contain the spread of Scotch Broom. The society serves as a liaison, linking municipalities, districts, media, ministries with concerned members of the community. Broombusters' strategy of education, inspiration, organization, media involvement and volunteer support culminates in intense 6-8 week period when residents go out and cut broom in their community. It works!

Our goal is
• to enable, connect, and empower people to take on the task of controlling Scotch broom.

• to be a communication board for towns and communities to publish their activities

• to protect the native plant species and animals of British Columbia; to protect and reclaim pasture and forest lands.

We are totally a volunteer group. You’ll see broombusters walking along the highway and cutting down single broom plants and new infestations; clearing their own and neighbors properties; clearing walkways and paths. We only work at this task while broom is in bloom.

Our Slogan is: Cut Broom in Bloom!

Broombusters is a grassroots organization which was started in 2006 in response to community’s growing concern about the spread of the aggressive invasive species, Scotch broom on Vancouver Island and lower BC.

Broombusters purpose is to:
• Limit the spread of Scotch broom; prevent new infestations.
• Inspire and offer opportunities for community involvement and environmental stewardship
• Serve as a liaison between government, media, communities and individuals
• Provide information, publicity, a website, tools and support to anyone wanting to help control the spread of Scotch broom.

Is it hard to cut broom?
Scotch Broom is a woody weed, whose truck can grow to several inches in diameter. However, the wood is soft and can usually be cut with long handled loppers. Unless it is very large, cutting and moving the broom is usually not a problem. Broombusters does not pull broom or dig into the soil.

How does Broombusters work?
For 4-6 weeks each year, while Scotch broom is in bloom, Broombusters hit the roads and fields with loppers in hand, to cut down broom. When cut down in bloom, Scotch broom plants usually die, and the flowers are prevented from going to seed.
Broombusters publicizes “the broom situation.” Towns, neighbors or individuals contact Broombusters, and choose areas and roads that they want to clear. Group cuts are planned and publicized. On the day of the group cut, Broombusters bring tools, demonstrates how to do it, and the volunteers are off and running.
Some roads are chosen as “Cut Anytime Roads,” which means that anyone can cut and pile the broom along these roads whenever they have time, and it will later be cleared by the town or Ministry of Transportation.