Cut Broom in Bloom
Vancouver Island & BC Mainland's Grassroots
Scotch Broom
Containment Campaign

Ministry of Transportation
and Broombusters

Adopt-a-Highway Insurance Form - PDF Download here

The Ministry of Transportation is welcoming and encouraging the involvement of Island residents to help get Scotch broom under control. However, you must sign a waiver form before you cut along ministry roads, and you must find a way to dispose of the broom that you cut.

You will not be successful if you call the Ministry of Transportation after you cut the broom, and expect them to come and pick up your piles. They do not have the finances or resources to do that. They want to help but cannot. So we need to work around this limitation until there are more resources.

Again, we can get permission as individuals to cut the broom along the roads and highways, but we must sign the Adopt-a-Highway Insurance form.

We do NOT have permission to cut along Ministry roads without signing this insurance form. That sounds kind of harsh, but that's the way they have to do it. So, here are our options.

So either:

• Come to a community cut and sign the waver. If you go to a group cut, you are covered as soon as you sign the sheet! No waiting. You can then continue to cut broom in designated areas for the next two years. (Broom removal - that's another conversation.)

Email Broombusters to let us know what you want to do. It may be possible to just download and sign the waiver - Adopt-a-Hwy Form - and mail it to Joanne Sales, 2795 Grafton Ave, Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K1W8.

Once you sign, it lasts for two year.

Thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation!

Contact: Joanne Sales - 250-752-4816;