2019 Broombusting Events in Campbell River


Morgan Ostler
Email: msostler@telus.net
Phone: 250 202 7590

Community Cuts in Campbell River

Broombusters, Rotary Club and bike clubs are finished cutting broom in 2019.  Please join us in 2020.

Good News!  Campbell River passed a bylaw to limit Scotch broom in Campbell River!  In 2020, there will be events planned by a coalition of bike clubs, city government, environmental groups and Broombusters.  The goal is to clear the broom from Jubilee Parkway and the city.  Contact Morgan if you want to help!
2019 Events

Hello fellow Broombusters,
We are cutting broom on a regular basis at the east end of Jubilee Parkway.
It has been very difficult to suppress the growth of broom in that area.
This year we are planning to sprinkle grass seed in the area where the broom
has been cut. As you know broom seed only germinates where sunlight beams directly.  Grass will grow more quickly than broom seed so we are hoping that will suppress further outbursts of broom.
Walter and I go out almost every day to cut broom on the Parkway, generally
in the morning for an hour or two.  Please join us if you can. Call me to
confirm where exactly we will be.

Rotary Club joined with Broombusters on Saturday morning, June 1 for a big cut around the Willow Creek bridge on the Parkway. This is
an annual activity and is always fun. This year, Strategic Forestry Wildfire
Fighters joined us on the Parkway.

See you in 2020!

Morgan Ostler
250 202 7590


NOTICE from Area Organizer, Morgan Ostler

Broombusters need your help to create a BROOM FREE environment in Campbell River. Home owners and land owners in the municipality must now remove broom from your own property. Failure to do so may result in serious consequences such as a visit from the Bylaw Officer.

Broombusters is a volunteer organization and its’ members remove broom from major roads and streets. It is up to you to clear broom from your own property. For detailed information on how to cut down this invasive plant please visit the Broombusters.org site.

For more information on Bylaw #3551 please visit the City of Campbell River site. Thank you for helping us to make our city free of the “Blooming Broom.”