2018 Broombusting Events in Campbell River


Morgan Ostler & Carol Couture
Email: msostler@telus.net
Phone: 250 202 7590, 250-287- 8324

Community Cuts in Campbell River

Please bring gloves and loppers/ clippers if you have them. Safety vests will be supplied.

Broombusting events for 2018 will be listed starting in April.  Please contact us with your ideas for your community.

BROOMUSTERS 2017 – Update from Morgan Ostler April 26
In Campbell River it’s broom busting season coming up in May and the good news is our main roads and public lands within city boundaries are almost free of that dastardly weed! However we must remain vigilant by patrolling the area where broom has been cut in previous years to assure there are no new sprouts as well as remove small clumps of broom that have been overlooked.

The other good news is that the C.R. Indian Band members have been doing a great job of removing broom on their own land including the lengthy verge at the back of Canadian Tire that borders the Nunn’s Creek wetlands. There is still broom to be cleared on their land just south of Walmart. There is a tremendous clump of broom on Maple St. leading to Myrt Thompson trail. We were considering asking Rotary Club to take on that task in conjunction with band members but after an inspection of the area it was decided that industrial equipment would be necessary for any removal as most of the broom has very thick trunks. The following is the list of the areas we will be working on in 2017

Rotary Club         28 May Sunday 1000am. Jubilee Parkway east of the South Dogwood exit.

If you check out Broombusters.org site you will note that several communities have bylaws designating broom as a toxic weed and stating that all land owners and the municipality are required to remove broom from the land. We are hopeful that in the future Campbell River will have a similar bylaw.

We are looking forwarding to Broombusters working together as a team this spring. We need help as many of us are getting a bit long in the tooth and bending is becoming tricky. In the meantime, “Stay Calm And Carry On”.

Thanks to everyone of you, we appreciate your dedication

Morgan / Carol 250 287 8324 or msostler@telus.net