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How to Cut Broom Photo Tutorial
These photos were taken in late April, just before the broom bloomed. But the ground is dry and summer is near. The broom cut at this time will die.
One person can pull on the broom to reveal the base, while the other cuts. Cut below all stems and buds, so that the broom cannot grow back. These ratchet or power-gear loppers make cutting much easier.
Notice the curve in the broom. Find where it goes into the ground. Working with partners really helps with this kind of broom. This is an easy broom to cut. A single stem. Cut it low and it won't come back. Sometimes you can press your loppers down on the surrounding grass to get to the base of the broom trunk.
This broom had been cut before. When pulled back, you can see the single thick top of the root. Cut there. This is way too high! It would grow right back. But these Broombusters did a second cut at ground level. This is how low you should cut your broom. After cutting you can quickly cover the cut with soil or the adjacent grass and leaves.
More previously cut broom. This time, cut below the branched trunk. Success!