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Cut Broom in Bloom

Scotch broom is an invasive alien plant taking over huge areas of Vancouver Island. Broom spreads rapidly & densely, chokes out native species. We have more Scotch broom than Scotland! It is a fire hazard, and can prevent reforestation. “The scourge of pastureland” takes over fields and pastures. It is toxic to animals; they cannot eat it. Broom causes serious allergies & tripping hazards. A pretty flower perhaps, but Scotch broom is bad news for our beautiful Islands!

We are trying to control the spread of Scotch broom in our community. Can you remove the broom on your property, road front, and adjacent areas? Broombusters can help. So can you!

How to Remove Scotch Broom
See website - Cut April to early-June
• Use a long handled lopper. Cut broom at ground level. It will die in the summer’s dry heat. If the broom is too big, cut off the manageable branches, including the low stems in the grass. Big broom dies easily. Pull out very new broom.
• Do not disturb the soil, as disturbance causes more broom to sprout. Just cut.
• Go after the advancing edge and light infestations first. Work towards the denser areas. A single plant can produce 3,000 seeds that last over 30 years!
• To dispose of broom: On private land, burn, take to the dump, or compost. After the green seed pods form in June, do not move. Burn, or pile in infested area to burn later.
• If you want to cut on the road, arrange with Broombusters first. You can sign a simple, free, no obligation Adopt-a-Hwy insurance form and can sometimes arrange for a broom chip-up. (No private broom on road please!)
• If you want to join with friends to clear your road, let us know. We can help.

Contact person Vancouver Island : Joanne Sales - / 250-752-4816

Working along with the municipalities, the Ministry of Transportation and Agriculture to stop the spread of Scotch broom. Sign an Adopt-a-Hwy insurance form to cut on roads. Work at your own risk.

Cut the bloomin’ broom!



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