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2016 Broombusting Events in Oceanside
WELCOME TO BROOMBUSTING IN Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Errington, Coombs,
Whiskey Creek, Bowser

Contact Joanne Sales:, 250-752-4816
North Qualicum: Betty Jablonski

We held 18 community cuts in Oceanside between April 25 and May 31.

Broombusting is over for 2016.  AGM will be held soon.


Mayor Teunis Westbroek preparing for Broomfest!
In the lobby of town hall!

Completed Cuts of 2016


Tuesday, Apr 26, Errington Area. 9:30-3:30 We're making a Video of How to Cut Broom. Want to be in the video? Meet at 9:30 at Winchester & Grafton in Coombs; or 10:00 at Errington Road at Price Road.  Then we'll go to Errington School, and then Alberni Hwy across from Express Trailers. Richard Boyce is filming.

Wednesday, Apr 27: Village Way All Day.Qualicum Beach. 10-12:00 near Island Hwy.  12:45-2:30 near Qualicum Road.  KSS Students will start in front of their high school from 12:30-2:30. Be sure to cut at the level of the ground. It’s small broom and will require that kind of care. Let's get rid of all the broom on Village Way starting on Wednesday and done by May 1!

Thursday: Errington / Coombs. 9:30-11:30.  Errington Road and Price Road until 10:00.  Then we'll move to Grafton Ave. If you come late, turn right on Grafton and you'll see our signs.

Saturday, Apr 30.  10-12:00.  Parksville - across from the Visitors Center. 

Sunday: River Never Sleeps in Fanny Bay. May 1


Wednesday, May 4 - End of Hilliers Road.  10-12:00.  1-2:00. Park at the turnaround at Hilliers, and walk onto Hwy 19.  There's the broom!


Friday, May 6 - French Creek.  9:30-11:30.  Lee Road - at the bend. 1/2 km from Island Hwy.


May 7 - Saturday.  Broomfest in Qualicum Beach.  10-12:30. 
Memorial Road at the Powerlines.
  BIG 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!
Be there at 10:00 - 10:30 for fun, a big family photo with gratitude to all!


Tuesday, May 10 - Errington / Parksville. 9:30-11:00 Allsbrook Road. We’ll start cutting at 9:30 and continue until 10:00 across from the funeral home.

Wednesday, May 11 - 9:30-11:00. Qualicum Beach. Park at the circle at the end of Hilliers Road (which is the other side of Jones Road in Qualicum Beach) and walk through some young trees onto the Highway. Nice big broom!

Thursday, May 12 - Coombs. 9:30-11:30. Alberni Hwy at Errington Road. We’re making great progress on Alberni Hwy!

Friday - May 13.  Grafton Ave & Winchester Road.  9:30-11:00.  Winchester Road intersects Alberni Hwy at Butterfly World.  See you there!

May 14 - Saturday.  "Broombusters and Parksville Saturday." 10-12:30. Join Mayor and Council cutting the broom at the Train Station and Alberni Hwy.  Goats on the Hoof are bringing their goats to eat along the railroad tracks. Raffle prizes for participants.  We want to cut all the broom on Alberni Hwy in Parksville. So please come to help - no matter where you live!


Tuesday, May 17, 10-11:30.  Alberni Hwy across the road from Bradley Center. If you are coming from Parksville, the Bradley Center is the big building on the left as you approach Virginia Road and Goats on the Roof.  On the right, there is a BIG bank of broom.  We're going to clear the broom from either side.


Wednesday, May 18,1:15-2:45.  Qualicum Beach.  Hilliers Road. Under the power lines. Hilliers is on the extension of Jones Road, on the other side of Labernum.  The powerlines are less than 1 km down - on the left side.


Thursday, May 19, 10-11:30.  Errington.  Cutting on Leffler Road and Grafton Ave intersection.  Meet on Grafton Ave close to Leffler. 


Parksville - Friday. May 20, 10:00.  Train Station & Alberni Hwy - clean up cut. Park at the Train station. There are still some broom plants to cut along Alberni Hwy, at the intersection of Despard and Alberni Hwy. And you can always cut more at the interchange. Elly will have an extra tool or two.

Coombs - Friday. May 20, 10:00 - 11:30. Coombs Country Corner - starting where Winchester Road intersects Alberni Hwy. Close to the intersection of Hwy 4 and Alberni Hwy (4A). Where Buttefly World is. There is safe parking up on Winchester Road.

Saturday - May 21 - 9:30 - 11:00. Parksville Interchange - Exit 51 from Hwy 19. Park and meet at the Train Station & Alberni Hwy.




Completed Cuts of 2015
March 27 - Gorse Cutting!
with Friends of French Creek, on Lee Road at the French Creek Harbor. 10 volunteers.

April 3 - Gorse Cutting!
Parksville Island Hwy in front of Repo Depot & mini golf course. 10 volunteers.

Apr 6 - Gorse Cutting!
Errington Road, near Price Road.

April 20, Tuesday. 10-11:45. Grafton Ave starting at Errington Road.

April 25, Saturday. 1-3:00. Alberni Hwy, starting at Errington Road. We move towards Goats on the Roof. Look for our signs.

Fri. May 1: 9:30-11:30 Qualicum Beach. Corner of Bennett Rd. & Rupert Rd.
Near the airport.

Sat May 2: 12:45-3. Qualicum Beach. Memorial Rd at Powerlines. The powerlines cross Memorial about half way into town from the Interchange Hwy 19. There are parking lots on either side of Memorial at that location. SO much broom there. We'll concentrate on the parts closer to the road. Ultimately we want to create a fire block under the powerlines, by making huge gaps between broom sections.

Tuesday, May 5. Alberni Hwy in Coombs area.  1:15-3:15.  Meet at the Broom field where Station Road meets Alberni Hwy.  (Just before the General Store.)  We’ll also be cutting in small teams up Alberni Hwy towards Bradley Center.  (This was spontaneous…  But if you can join us, great!)

Wed, May 6. Allsbrook Road.  9:15 – 11:15.
  Park on road behind Iritex, near funeral home.  We’ll cut on hill going down towards the entrance to Hwy 19.  And we’ll cut along Allsbrook Road going toward Top Bridge.  There are REALLY bad places on Allsbrook, but we’ll focus on the places we can clear. 

Wed Afternoon:  A small group is going out Wednesday afternoon if you want to join them.

Thursday: May 7. Grafton Ave. between winchester & Pratt. 11-1:00

Saturday, May 9. 9:30 – 11:30.  Parksville Interchange #51.  Intersection of Hwy 19 and Alberni Hwy.   We’ll be at the quadrant on the  Coombs side (with the flat open field.)  That quadrant used to be FULL of broom.  Look at it now.   Park VERY carefully.  Wear a vest if you have one.

THURSDAY MAY 14. 10:00-12:00. CTV is coming!. COOMBS/ HILLIERS. LOCATION: INTERSECTION of Hwy 4A and Hwy 4. Coombs Country Junction. Here is your chance. Your moment of fame! Every year, CTV does a short segment on their evening prime time show. Tomorrow we are being filmed! Look for signs.
From Qualicum Beach, drive out Memorial, under Hwy 19, until you get to the intersection where you would turn left to get to Coombs. From Parksville, drive out Alberni Hwy until you have to turn left. (Past Butterfly World.)

FRIDAY May 15. 1-3:00. Qualicum Beach Old Land Fill. From the circle on Memorial, go onto Rupert Road. Turn right on Qualicum Road towards Pheasant Glen golf course. We’ll be parking on the left before going up the golf course road.

SATURDAY May 16. 9:30-11:30. Parksville. Across from the Visitors Center on Island Hwy. That area on Island Hwy is close to being clear. To park, turn onto Franklin’s Gull Road (it goes to Albertson’s.) Then turn left on the first side street - towards Jim’s Gym. (I think it is it might be the end of Industrial Way.)

MONDAY May 18. 9:45-11:45. Alberni Hwy Across from Pet Mania (Bellevue Road.)
Meet across from the Pet Mania at 9:45. (Across from Bellevue Road close to the Parksville interchange.) We will leave one group there to clean up the last years' work. You can join them there is you are late. But some of us may break up into groups and go farther down Alberni Hwy towards Coombs. What I would like to do is eliminate all the patches that are controllable all up and down Alberni Hwy! Others want to work on some of the dense areas. So we'll have a bunch of choices. We'll reconvene at 11:30 to celebrate our successes! See you at 9:45.

Tuesday May 19. WEMBLEY MALL 10:15-11:45. Behind the Mall. Along Wembley Road. Park in the mall parking lot behind the stores and look for the sign.

Wednesday, May 20 9:30-11:30.. Hwy 4 from Qualicum Beach intersection to Coombs Country Junction - where it meets 4A turnoff.

FRIDAY May 22. 10-12:00. Oceanside Health Centre in Parksville. (The urgent care center.) 489 Alberni Hwy, Alberni & Despard Ave. We need lots of hands at work. New people are very welcome. We have tools, and will train!

May 23 - Saturday. Parksville. 9:30-11:00. Across from the Visitors Center again.
On Island Hwy across from the Parksville Visitors Center, at the intersection of Island Hwy and Franklyn's Gull Road. You can park on Industrial Way which is the first road off Franklin's Gull Road (At the ShareCare Store and Jim's Gym.) I'll be there and I'll have tools

May 23 - Saturday. North Qualicum. 11-1:00  Email me or Betty Jabonski:  All the way to Meadowood Store.  Can you help?  A community cut, and continuous cutting on your own time is welcome. 

END OF THE SEASON.  The broom has gone to seed really early in this dry hot spring. Thank you!