2020 Broombusting Events in Oceanside

Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Errington, Coombs, Whiskey Creek, Bowser, North Qualicum and Nanoose.


Joanne Sales  /  250-752-4816  /  Email: info@broombusters.org
North Qualicum:  Betty Jablonski  /  Email: ab@icbsolutions.ca
Oceanside includes all areas up to Cook Creek Road.

Community Cuts in Oceanside

We are a community working together – apart!

There are many volunteers at work, all over Oceanside, from Nanoose to Deep Bay.  You can join with another person, or work on an area of your choice.  It is essential to first get in touch with your local organizer or Broombusters’s director.  We can loan you loppers and set you up for cutting broom – for a day or for 4 weeks!

Your help will be deeply appreciated!  In Coombs, Parksville, Hilliers, Qualicum Beach, Deep Bay, Horne Lake Road, Spider Lake area – EVERYWHERE.   This is a great time to take care of the native plants where you live.




Friday, Apr 26. 9:30-11:30. Alberni Hwy & Errington Road.

Saturday, Apr 27. 9:30 – 11:30. Alberni Hwy – Starting at the SPCA and moving towards Coombs.

May 1. Wednesday.  Alberni Hwy and Winchester Road.  We’ll start at the T intersection where Butterfly World is, and then move up Alberni Hwy to cut numerous patches.

May 3.  Friday. 9:30-11:30. Alberni Hwy & Pratt Road.  There are patches on Alberni Hwy that we want to eliminate!  We’ll start at Alberni & Pratt Road.

(Broombusters is also assisting Arrowsmith Independent School cut broom near their school on Hilliers Road.)

May 5.  Sunday.  The River Never Sleeps.  No broom cutting – but a rich opportunity.  Broombusters will have a table at the Fanny Bay Salmonoid

May 7. Tuesday.  Qualicum Beach.  Rupert road and Bennett Road.  Then we’ll move to the properties beside the airport.

May 8.  Wednesday.  9:30-11:30. Parksville:  Meet at Train Station on Alberni Hwy (across from Buckerfields). We will walk down the new waterline to remove all broom.

May 8.  Wednesday. 9:30-11:30. Inland Island Hwy (Hwy 19) and Horne Lake Road.  There is really big broom here!  We want to stop the broom from spreading across the very large grassy area at this intersection.

May 10.  Friday. 9:15 – 11:15. Parksville Interchange. Exit 46.  Park at the weigh scales. We have done such great work there in the past years.  Let’s get closer to completion!

May 11.  Saturday.  9:30-12:30. Coombs to Parksville Rail Trail!  Alberni Hwy & Virginia Road.  We have a permit and support from the RDN Parks.

Monday, May 13.  9:00-10:30. Hilliers Road – next to Hamilton Marsh. Near Qualicum Beach.  Turn onto Hilliers Road off of Hwy 4 and go until you see signs just before the turn in the road.

Monday, May 13.  1-3:00.  In Nanoose.  You are invited to join the Lion’s club – it is an open cut!  Start at Nanoose Place/Jack Bagley Field.

Wednesday, May 15.  9:30-11:30.  BOWSER.

Wednesday in Coombs.  9:30-11:00.  Grafton Ave – starting at Station Road.

Thursday, May 16. 9:00-10:30. Hilliers Road – next to Hamilton Marsh. We will return to finish this area for this year.  Turn onto Hilliers Road off of Hwy 4 and drive until you hit the turn in the road.

Friday, May 17.  9:30-11:30. Parksville Interchange 46.  

Friday, May 17.  9:15-11:15. Qualicum Beach airport.  Start at the entrance to the airport.  Then we cut railroad tracks near airport.

Saturday, May 18.  9:15 -11:15.  Alberni Hwy near Bradley Center.

Monday – Cut on your own in Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Errington/ Coombs.!

May 20, 22, 23.  Monday, Wed and Thursday.  12:00-2:00 in North Qualicum.  On Meadowood at 12 noon. Near the hydro lines for about 2 hours. Email: ab@icbsolutions.ca

May 21, Tuesday.  9:30. Deep Bay Area. 2 km past the Deep Bay turnoff on highway 19A.

May 22.  Wednesday.    9:30-11:15. Horne Lake Road at the light onHwy 19 / Inland Island Hwy.  BIG glorybroom and small.  More fun than you can imagine.

May 23.  Thursday.  9:15-11:00. Middlegate Road in Errington. From Leffler Road, turn left onto Middlegate and drive about 2km to Kalani Road.  We will start there.

May 24.  Friday.  Parksville. 9:15 to 11:15 on Martindale Rd. Meet in front of Brigadoon Golf Club.  We have cut there before but need your help to finish our job.  (If you live in Qualicum Beach or north, let me know if you prefer to work there.)

May 25.  Saturday.  French Creek.  Church Road.  Park at the Church Road overpass over Hwy 19; a safe parking area is on Cold Water Road.  There is broom on the banks of the overpass and along Church road.  Choose your own adventure.  An important area.

May 28, Tuesday.  9:30-11:00. Bowser. Continuing on highway 19a, past Deep Bay.  Watch for the truck & Broombuster signs.

May 28, Tuesday.  9:30-11:00. Bowser. Continuing on highway 19a, about 2 km north past Deep Bay.  Watch for Broombuster signs.


May 28, 29, 31.  Tuesday, Wed and Friday.  12:00~2:00 in North Qualicum.  We are clearing the road side on Meadowood from the local store down to Corcan Road.  Look for signs or people!

May 31.  Friday.  9:00-10:30. Qualicum Beach Interchange, the “bowl” that you circle when you take exit from Nanaimo to go to Port Alberni, or on your way to Campbell River.  There Is also broom on the bank beside the on ramp towards Campbell River.  There is lots of broom in the bowl!  Last public cut of the season.







Thanks for your help!

Cut Broom in Bloom!