2018 Broombusting Events in Oceanside

Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Errington, Coombs, Whiskey Creek, Bowser, North Qualicum and Nanoose.


Joanne Sales  /  250-752-4816  /  Email: info@broombusters.org
North Qualicum:  Betty Jablonski  /  Email: ab@icbsolutions.ca
Parksville: Janet Heppenstall / Email: janet15@telus.net
Bowser, Horne Lake Rd, Dashwood: Groups are forming. Email: info@broombusters.org

Community Cuts in Oceanside

Thank you to all volunteers!  Broombusters AGM will be in early June.  Details to follow.



Community Cuts are complete for the year.  However, cuts are still happening on farms and off road areas.  Contact us if you can still help!




Wednesday, April 18, 10:30-12:00 in Parksville,  Near Riptide Sign on E Island Highway.  Down the hill from entrance to Rathtrevor Beach and Log Cabin store.  Also Thursday April 19, 1030-12:00

Saturday, April 21,
 Fairwinds in Nanoose. Meet at Fairwinds Clubhouse, 3730 Fairwinds Drive.  8:30-9am.  Details on www.broombusters.org/all-other-areas/

Saturday, April 21, Alberni Hwy at Errington Road  9:30-11:30.  Let’s make some big piles!

Sunday, April 22, 11 am – 2 pm with speeches at noon Earth Day celebration
 in Qualicum Beach on the beach.  Refreshments.  Broombusters will have a table there along with other environmental groups.

Monday April 23 9:30-11:30   Qualicum Beach – Village Way. We’ll start at Qualicum Road, but if you don’t see us there, go towards Nooka Road – Island Hwy. (I’m not sure where the broom is!)

Wednesday April 25, 9:30-11:30. Church Road bridge, where it crosses of Inland Island Hwy. At Cold Water Road. This will take several cuts. Bring hand saws – water bottles! Hats.

Thursday April 26, 9:30-11:15   Parksville Train station on Alberni Hwy & Interchange 51 on the ocean side.

Saturday April 28 – Errington Road & Price Road. 9:30-11:30
It’s a clean up day in preparation for the opening of Errington Market on May 5. We will help by cutting on Errington Road. Meet at Errington & Price Road. Many people will travel down that road and see our piles.

Alberni Highway Week!
Monday April 30 – Alberni Hwy.  9:30-11:30.  Between gas station on Church & Errington Road.  LOTS of broom.  We have a goal of cutting all the broom in that strip on Alberni Hwy at the gas station down to Errington Road.  Look for signs on the ocean side before Errington Road.


Wednesday & Friday & Saturday – May 2, 4, 5.  Locations & time to be announced. Somewhere on Alberni Hwy or at Interchange of Alberni Hwy and Hwy 19.

Monday May 7.  9:30-11:30.  Qualicum Beach.  Memorial Road and Hoylake Road E.  (Near the golf course.)

Tuesday and Wednesday May 8.  9:30 – 11:30.  Parksville – Cut on Island Hwy East.  Close to the Rip Tide Sign at Industrial Way and Island Hwy. Look for people in vests! Contact Janet or Elly for details.  (email address above.)

Tuesday in Qualicum Beach.
  Please roam and cut on Rupert Road, both ends of View Road, on Village Way here and there – especially across from KSS.  Anywhere else that you see broom!

Wednesday May 9.  9:30-11:30.  Horne Lake Road and Inland Island Hwy
 (Hwy 19).  So much broom there!   We will have tools.  Can you join us?

 – on your own.  Need a lopper?

Friday May 11.  Alberni Hwy.  
Starting at Spunky’s Motorcycle Store.  Chek TV is going to come!  When Kendall arrives, we’ll go down to the Coop Gas station to cut the last section of tall broom on Alberni Hwy that we left standing for this occasion.  After 9 years, we will finish that section! That is cause for celebration.

Saturday May 12.  Parksville Interchange #51.
 9:30-11:30.   Coombs Exit to Alberni Hwy.  Parking is safe on the Errington side of the overpass.  If we get enough volunteers, we can finish cutting the triangles on the Nanaimo side of Alberni Hwy.  (The other side is a BC Hydro disaster zone!)


Monday May 14.  Qualicum Beach Land fill.  9:15-11:15.  Park at the end of Qualicum Road, at the entrance to Pheasant Glen Golf Course.


Wednesday, May 16. from 9:30 to 11:30. Parksville. Look for signs on Resort Way, near the lights & Tigh Na Mara Resort (Nanaimo end of the road)

Small group cuts on Grafton Ave, Errington Road, Church Road.  Want to help?  Email info@glasswing.com.

Friday May 18. 9:15-11:15, Parksville Interchange. 
 Exit 46 from Hwy 19.  Meet at Weigh Station.  Tools provided.  We need help!  Check website for other local cuts.


Saturday, May 19.  9:30-11:00.  Alberni Hwy in Coombs.  Come clear a patch!  Clean up remaining broom on Alberni Hwy.  We’ll meet at Alberni Hwy at Virginia Estates.  It is near Station Road, but a little closer to Parksville and on opposite side of road. We will then disperse to cut all the remaining patches. In Coombs,  at SPCA, behind fence near Errington Road, on bank across from Bradley Center, in front of Quality Food facility.   Not much broom left – but we need to get it all.  Come clear a patch!  Let me know if you plan to come so I can look for you.  If you can’t come on Saturday, but want to help finish Alberni Hwy, please let me know.  we can do it!


Monday May 21. 9:15-11:15. Monday. Church Road overpass over Hwy 19.


May 22, Tuesday. TUESDAY, Parksville. 9:15-11:15. Interchange Exit 46 – the Weigh Station. To finish up the “almost finished” center hills we started last Friday.

Qualicum Beach 9:15 – 10:30 – Rupert Road. Between Qualicum Road and Hollywood Road. Look for signs.
May 23, WEDNESDAY Parksville, Martindale Road. 9:15. Look for sandwich board. (Contact Janet. Email above.)

Bowser – 9:30. Between the highway and the Bowser school fence. (Contact Skyanne – or just show up! Email above.)

May 24, THURSDAY – Horne Lake Road.  9:30. Details to be announced.  
(Contact Mary. Email above.)
Also, Cut any broom you see!
Contact Joanne for suggestions.

May 25, FRIDAY, May 25. 9:15 – 11:15. Parksville Interchange #51.   Coombs Exit. Look for sandwich board. Park safely on Nanaimo – Errington side of highway; or park at Train station.

Friday May 25.  Bowser – 9:30. Where the Deep Bay turnoff is as well as the west side of the highway between Deep Bay and Bowser.





Thanks for your help!

Cut Broom in Bloom!