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Scotch Broom
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Broombusting Photos 2013- Four pages of photos of over 30 community cuts of 2013
Follow these links to view some of the photos of the hundreds of volunteers who made Broombusting successful in 2013. Please join us in April - June 2014!
As you can see from the photos, all ages can participate. Where do you want to cut broom? Transform your neighborhood and save your greenspaces for the native plants and trees of our beautiful British Columbia.

Page 1 - Early season Page 2 - Parksville Interchanges & TV Page 3 Page 4 - CFB Comox

Above: April work - Volunteers engraving & painting the tools to keep them from getting lost in the field. Below: Photos from Grafton Ave Coombs cuts in 2013
Broombusters at the Qualicum Beach Interchange from Inland Island Hwy. Once full of broom, the interchange is now 90% clear!
Broombusters were featured on I Love This Island - on CTV. Here you see Boombusters being interviewed: "And why do you come out and cut broom??"