2018 Broombusting Events in Port Alberni



Joanne Sales  /  250-752-4816  /  Email: info@broombusters.org
Alberni Deep Space Contact – Gillian Shearwater  albernideepspace@gmail.com

Community Cuts in Port Alberni

Do you have ideas?
Most photos are of Alberni Deep Space Port volunteers at work.

Our goal for this year is to cut all the broom on the highway – all the way to the hospital.  Broombusters supplies tools.  Can you help?   Email info@broombusters.org

May 12, Saturday, 9:30-11:30.  Port Alberni Hwy.  Visitor’s Center at intersection of Hwy 4 and Port Alberni Hwy.   We need you!


Tuesday, May 15.  9-10:30 Port Alberni Hwy.  Go to the overpass over Roger Creek.  The cut is about 1 km closer to the hospital. You can park on the turn out at Roger Creek, or at the end of Victoria Drive North and walk across the Hwy.  Tools and vests will be supplied.  Wear gloves and bring water.   This cut will be in the shade!  Look for a sign.

One day during the Week of May 21-27 –
One morning we will cut the broom on Victoria Drive near King Street.   Victoria Drive runs closely parallel  to Port Alberni Hwy.  The broom is visible from the man road – on either side of Southside Community Church.  What day and time?  Make suggestions!  Who can come?


Alberni Deep Space Port Broombusting 2018

  1. Greenwood Cemetery (completed)
    April 21, 22, 27, 28 (57 person-hours)

We had first cut this area in 2014, and checked for regrowth in 2016.  2018 was time for a thorough maintenance cut — most regrowth was under 1  m tall (some very tiny).

Ivy control here was deferred to next year: heavy rains left the infested trees in standing water.

  1. Roger Street east (above North Island College)
    May 6, 7, 12, 13.   Continued brooming of this large, rough patch of land. 69 person-hours). On March 12, a pair of deer came to watch us start work.






The Hospital Hill Before the Cut Port Alberni was one of the first communities to start Broombusting. In 2006, they had a Broombusting week in June.
2006 People of Port Alberni at Work