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Cut the Bloomin’ Broom!
Six Secret Facts About Broombusting

1. Cut Broom in Bloom. If you cut broom in bloom (mid-April until early-June), it will most likely die in the summer’s dry heat. This is the only time each year that it’s so dang easy. Seize the moment!

2. Cut the Broom to the Ground if you can. If you can’t cut huge branches, cut off as much as you can. It will still die. You don’t need to disturb the roots. No pulling or sawing required.

3. It’s easy. Empowering. Use loppers. You can make a mountain out of a mole hill in 5 minutes.

4. If you donate just 2 hours a year walking down the road with loppers in hand, you qualify for the high title of “Broom Walker,” which is akin to Skywalker. (“Use the Loppers, Luke.”)

5. A single broom plant can produce 3,000 seeds. If you cut it while it is in flower, 3,000 seeds will not go down the road or up the mountain where they reek havoc on the ecosystem. Broom crowds out all the native species; even trees can’t get started in a broom patch. The deer can’t eat it, no one likes it.

6. Absolutely NOBODY has spare time anymore, it seems. But broomcutting is good evening therapy. With all the huge problems facing the environment, here is a “crisis” we can actually do something about! Thank God for simple pleasures. Bust Broom.

Deep peace,

Before the Community Cut
Portl Alberni residents
Sweep out the broom....