2022 Broombusting Events
Oceanside / Mid-Vancouver Island

Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Errington, Coombs, Whiskey Creek, Bowser, North Qualicum and Nanoose

What’s happening now?

Plans are being made for April-May 2022.  

Community Cuts in Oceanside

We are a community working together – apart!

There are many volunteers at work, all over Oceanside, from Nanoose to Deep Bay. You can join with another person, or work on an area of your choice. It is essential to first get in touch with your local organizer or Broombusters’s director. We can loan you loppers and set you up for cutting broom – for a day or for 4 weeks!

Your help will be deeply appreciated! In Coombs, Parksville, Hilliers, Qualicum Beach, Deep Bay, Horne Lake Road, Spider Lake area – EVERYWHERE. This is a great time to take care of the native plants where you live.

 Cut Dates for 2021


Oceanside, Nanoose, North of Qualicum.




MAY 9-14.  Alberni Hwy Week!  Email Joanne for details.

May 4, Tuesday.  Coombs Junction. The light where Hwy 4 and 4A intersect.  The big bank on the Northside.

May 5, Wednesday.  AIRPORT All DAY.  You can go anytime you want to cut outside the gates of the Airport.  Next year we’ll get to the way back (but we can’t get in a vehicle together!). So cut anytime you want around the airport on Wednesday!.

April 23-May 4.  Tree planting at the interchange; Coombs Trail…
CutAnyTime locations all over Oceanside.

(MANY CUTS NOT recorded here yet…)

May 19 – KSS students cut on a farm field by the school!  20 kids for 20 hours.  

May 19, Wednesday. 10-12:00.  Alberni Hwy & Fairdowne Road – close to Spunky’s Motorcycle Shop.  Sadly, too much of that area has been deforested for eventual development.  But volunteers had spent too years clearing the broom to abandon it.  Let’s cut the broom that is still sparse – starting at Spunky’s and heading to anything yellow between Fairdowne and Parksville.

May 20, Thursday.10-12:00.  Grafton Ave.  Meet at Station Road & Grafton Ave.  We’ll cut there and then spread out up and down the road.

ALSO on Thursday May 20,  10-12:00.  Alberni Hwy – The section between Cottonwood Nursery and Virginia Road – on either side.  Pick your spot.  (Park carefully).  Or go down to Virginia Road.

May 21, Friday.  10-12:00.  Guerilla Broombusting!  Anywhere on Alberni Hwy.  There are spots here and there on Alberni Hwy from the ocean in Parksville to the intersection with Hwy 4 in Coombs (Butterfly World/Creekmore Coffee).  Just drive along – see a spot – stop and cut!  You’ll see others but go where you will! 

May 22, Saturday.  COOMBS TRAIL.  

Seed pods are beginning to form.

May 23 – 31.  Finish up Time.  Clean up in many areas.  Qualicum Beach Airport, Hwy 4 and 4A, Grafton ave…  19A all the way to Cook Creek. Horne Lake Road area…  Meadowood area.  Parksville 19A & Alberni Hwy – especially train station.  Whiskey Creek.  Need an area?  Contact Joanne.



May 9, Monday.  CHIPPING DAY!
May 5, Wednesday.  Powerpoint Road.

MAY 8.  Saturday.  Powerpoint Road & Northwest Bay.  Contact Judith for details.



Joanne Sales: All areas
Email: info@broombusters.org
Phone: 250-752-4816

Don Standing
Email: standing@shaw.ca

Judith Lapadat of Lion’s Club

North Qualicum:
Betty and Alf Jablonski
Email: ab@icbsolutions.ca

Oceanside goes from Nanoose up to Cooke Creek Road.

* Disclaimer: Pick up of Broom MUST be prearranged. MoT will not come to chip up broom you cut. BroomBusters may be able to help if you contact us in advance. Broombusters posts this page free of charge to your community but is not responsible for any activities listed or not listed in these communities. Cut at your own risk. Thank you. And have fun! We look forward to hearing from you.