2021 Broombuster Events in the Comox Valley

What’s happening now?

Community Cuts for Comox Valley

The Comox Valley Broombusters work in the areas of Courtenay, Cumberland, Comox and the CVRD.  Broombusting is a perfect activity in the continuing pandemic. We can be outside and socially distanced while doing something good for our community. If you haven’t been out yet, consider joining us or cutting broom somewhere on your own. Email Bev if you need loppers – there  still are some that can be loaned to you for the cutting season.

Cut Dates for 2021

May 10 – 14, Tuesday – Friday, 9:30 – noon; Northeast Woods. We’d like to get as much done this week as we can. Big broom, mid-sized broom and lots of space to spread out. The Snowbirds will continue to put on our own private airshow.

May 15, Saturday, 9:30 – noon: Ryan Road beginning at Anderton and working on the north side towards Crown Isle Blvd. Small to mid sized broom. We’re continuing to go after new growth and plants that we missed last year. I’ll have the Comox Valley Rotary Club out there the following day but would like us to get a good head start on the area.

May 7-8, Friday & Saturday, 9:30 – noon: We’re continuing to work in the Northeast Woods.  Park in the parking lot at the end of Torrence Rd. past the Public Works building and walk past the yellow gate and down the service road. When you get to the big field follow the path to the right. Look for the green wagon and, if there is nobody right there, follow the path downhill by the wagon into the big field..There is some small broom for the detail people, some scattered mid sized broom for people who want to see that they’ve covered a large area and some larger broom that has been growing for a few years and is big enough to stack. Definitely something for everyone!

Would you rather cut broom on your own or with a friend or two? If so, contact Bev at cvbroombusters@gmail.com for suggested areas to cut in the Comox Valley..



April 24, Saturday 9:30 am – noon. Guthrie Rd between Pritchard Rd. and Brooklyn School. Park in the parking lot on Torrence Rd. across from the Comox Public Works Office.


April 26 – 30, Monday – Friday 9:30 – noon. There will be a choice of two areas to cut broom
Guthrie Road between Torrence Rd and Pritchard Rd. It’s clear to see where we left off on Saturday and it would be nice to be able to finish this whole stretch. Park in the lot on Torrence across from Comox Public Works and walk back toward Pritchard Rd.

Northeast Woods. Park at the end of the Torrence Rd 

May 1, Saturday, 9:30 – noon. Point Holmes Park (corner of Lazo Rd and Sandpines Drive). We cleared a lot of big broom from here a few years ago and are returning to get the stragglers and new growth. 

May 3 – 7, Monday – Friday, 9:30 – noon. NE Woods. 


Bev Agur
Email: cvbroombusters@gmail.com

* Disclaimer: Pick up of Broom MUST be prearranged. MoT will not come to chip up broom you cut. BroomBusters may be able to help if you contact us in advance. Broombusters posts this page free of charge to your community but is not responsible for any activities listed or not listed in these communities. Cut at your own risk. Thank you. And have fun! We look forward to hearing from you.