2024 Broombusting Events in Nanaimo


Nanaimo: Nancy Lutes
Email: lutes2021@gmail.com

What’s happening now?

Nanaimo Community Cuts 2024

May 19.  Sunday. Dogwood Road. 1:00-3:00.  Kitty corner from Morrell Nature Sanctuary.  A bin will be provided.  Parking on the street which is nice and quiet. 

May 21st, CANCELLED! Tuesday 10am to 12pm. at Elmwood Park.  

June 1st, 10am to 12pm.  There will be a drop bin for anyone to deposit their cut invasive species .  Bowen Park off of Wall Street.

Thank you to everyone cutting on their own.  As you know, also the parks need maintenance cuts this year.  Most will be ‘cut and drop’. Let me know if you plan to help out at a park, and of any medium to large piles.

As well, a number of experienced volunteers choose to work on their own on streets around their neighbourhoods. WONDERFUL.  Let me know of any medium to large piles so we can pick them up.  Thank you to all volunteers. 


April 27, Saturday, 9:30-11:30.   Meet at the Westwood parking lot near the trail.

May 2nd, Thursday 10am to 12pm. Parkway Trail at Northfield and the old Tourist Center.  Meet in the parking lot.

May 4, Saturday. 10:00-12:00.  Westwood Rd, sort of across from the SPCA.  You can park on Camus Rd or on the east side of Westwood on the shoulder. Just be careful crossing the road as it can be busy.  There will be a bin there.

May 11, Saturday 10am to 12pm. Koram Park. 

May 14, Tuesday 10am to 12pm. Third Street Park. Meet in the parking lot of the ice center on the north side. 

May 16, Thursday, 1-4:00.  VIU banks on Hwy 19. VIU students visiting from around the world gathered to clear the broom on the steep VIU bank.


Completed Cuts of 2023
May 2nd, Tuesday 10 – 12:00.  Beban Park.  Meet by tennis courts.

May 6th, Saturday 10 -12:00.  Koram Park.  Park along Townsite Rd or Quarterway School.  Meet at stairs at Summerhill Place.   

May 16th, Tuesday 10 – 12:00.  Third Street Park.   Meet at NIC, parking on the side towards the baseball diamond.


Completed cuts of 2022
Wednesday, May 25th from 10 to 12 at Lotus Pinnatus Park.
Saturday, Jun 4th from 10 to 12 at Linley Valley Park.

Our experienced broombusters also cut in any public area, street or park near where they live or where they see the need.  When other areas, such as a developers’ property, ask for our assistance we then hold group cuts to get the job done!  Please contact Nancy Lutes for more information on broom cuts.

DROP OFFS – May 28. 10-2:00.    Invasive plant drop off on May 28th at Bowen Park off of Wall St.

Saturday, May 14. 10:00-12:00  Sugarloaf Mtn.  We should be able to finish it this year.

Wednesday, May 11th from 10 to 12 at Northfield Rotary Lookout Park ( the Tourist Information Center at Northfield and the Parkway).


IN 2021:  Between April 29 and May 29, 2021, Nanaimo Broombusters worked on Linley Gyro park, Pipers Lagoon, Lotus Pinnatus Park, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Bowen Park, as well as countless neighborhood streets.  A separate crew worked on District 68 school properties.  Another crew worked on the Nanaimo Parkway trail.  In previous years, Broombusters also worked on 3rd Street Park, and many other places.

Make plans for cut broom removal before you cut!  Unfortunately, MOTI is not able to remove broom cut on the highways.  If you contact Broombusters in advance, sometimes we can help.  At the very least, we can offer advice on cut broom disposal.  To be a Broombuster, contact Broombusters first!  Cut at your own risk. Be safe and have fun!