Promo and Waiver Forms

This page provides you with documents that can be downloaded.

Promotional Material

How to Cut Broom

A one page information sheet you can download, print and than handout, post in elevators, bulletin boards, etc.
Download the PDF

Why Cut Broom

A one page information sheet on the Problems with Scotch Broom.
Download the PDF

“Info on Broombusters” Handouts

Three to a Page. In black&white or color. This 1/3 page document provides an introduction to Broom and Broombusting. Useful for handing out to neighbors, displays, information tables, parades, schools, etc.
Download the PDF – Black & White
Download the PDF – Color

Waiver and Insurance Forms

These forms are available to you here or at community cuts. Certain forms must be signed when you cut broom in association with Broombusters. Your area organizer will let you know which forms you need to sign.

There are many groups and individuals cutting broom, in many ways.
Signing the waiver makes it clear that we are working together.

1. Generic waiver for use in any areas, including municipalities.

Download the PDF

2. Ministry of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program. If you want to cut on highways, you must sign and return this form. If you have not signed it, you are not allowed to cut on MoTI roads.

Download the PDF

3. Municipalities have their own waiver forms for volunteers. We have included Nanaimo’s here as an example. This form also appears to be generic however, and has been copied by other municipalities.

Download the PDF