2023 Broombusting Events in Powell River

What’s happening now?

Community Cuts in Powell River

June 03. Saturday. 10:00.  North of town at the intersection of the highway & Malaspina road. Please park on Malaspina road. (you can’t miss the Broom!)


May 27.  Saturday. Again at the Manson Connection off of Toba St for a clean up of last years cut. ( I will open the gate)

May 20. Saturday. The seawalk boat harbour Marine Ave & Fairmont St

Message from Terry Peters, Fire Chief:
Help us to achieve a Scotch Broom Free community and be part of a solution for eliminating invasive species and securing our Fire Smart goals. The solution is you! Sign up to be part of the team by contacting Chief Peters.   

Thank you & always stay safe.
Terry Peters

Fire Chief / Director of Emergency Services

City of Powell River


Terry Peters
Email: tpeters@powellriver.ca
Office: 604-485-4431
Fire Chief/Director of Emergency Services, City of Powell River B.C.

Make plans for cut broom removal before you cut!  Unfortunately, MOTI is not able to remove broom cut on the highways.  If you contact Broombusters in advance, sometimes we can help.  At the very least, we can offer advice on cut broom disposal.  To be a Broombuster, contact Broombusters first!  Cut at your own risk. Be safe and have fun!