2022 Broombuster Events in the Cowichan Valley:

Maple Bay, Chemainus, Southend, Lake Cowichan, and more.

More volunteers needed!  .

Community Cuts in Cowichan Valley

The Valley is large!  Connect with an area leader near you, or in an area that you care about.  Many of our cuts will be at close-to-your-home “Cut Anytime” locations, and you will be able to go there on your own time. We can loan you loppers and instruct you on stacking and safety policies. Please contact your area director or our Executive Director for details. Cut the Bloomin’ Broom! – and be well. Your efforts are always appreciated.

Before cutting, always check with Broombusters first!

Whenever you go out into nature, wear sturdy shoes and bring water. Bring your own gloves to cut broom. Enjoy the beauty!

Cut Dates for 2022


April - May 2022

Plans for 2022 will be made in the early spring.

Where would YOU like to cut broom?
Please join us!


* Disclaimer: Pick up of Broom MUST be prearranged. MoT will not come to chip up broom you cut. BroomBusters may be able to help if you contact us in advance. Broombusters posts this page free of charge to your community but is not responsible for any activities listed or not listed in these communities. Cut at your own risk. Thank you. And have fun! We look forward to hearing from you.


Some Email addresses are written out.
Please use the usual style using @ and . 

General Information
Director Broombusters: Joanne Sales


Maple Bay and Stoney Hill:
Wendy Macpherson
macpherson15 at yahoo dot ca

Chemainus & Fuller Lake Arena:
Brian Linton & Sherry Tomkins


South End & Duncan:
Jan Dwyer

jandwyerat shaw dot ca

Lake Cowichan:
Carolyne Austin