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Cut Broom in Bloom

Vancouver Island & BC Mainland’s Grassroots Scotch Broom Containment Campaign

NOTICE: Broombusters can only chip broom cut
by Broombusters during our prearranged broom
cuts. We want to help – but contact us first!

Scotch broom is an alien invasive plant taking over huge areas of the Pacific Northwest and worldwide. Broombusters started on Vancouver Island, BC in 2006. Ten years later, 500 volunteers cut broom for over 4000 hours each year on Vancouver Island. There are many environmental problems facing us, but this is one we can do something about. Broombusters’ strategies can be used anywhere on earth.

Why Cut Broom?

Scotch Broom is a highly invasive woody weed. It grows rapidly, crowding out native plants and preventing regrowth, retarding or preventing the growth of many understory species, preventing the regrowth of forests, leading to a dramatic loss of diversity

How to cut Broom?

Cut Broom in Bloom at ground level, while broom is in bloom, usually mid-April through early June.

Problems with Broom

About Scotch Broom


Highly Flammable


Spreads rapidly & densely


Crowds out native plants


Leads to loss of diversity


Prevents forest regrowth


Toxic to wildlife


Takes over farms

Get Involved!

You can help, as an individual, community or municipality. The strategy works.

Active BC Communities

Campbell River

Comox Valley


Nanaimo – Lantzville

Cowichan Valley

Port Alberni

Powell River

Other Communities