2022 Broombuster Events in Coquitlam

What’s happening now?

Glen Park Earth Day 2022

Cut Dates for 2022

 Community cuts were held on April, 22, May 7, 8–11, 13, 15, 16, 18–24, 26, June 1, 4–6, 8, 11–13.

Locations: Glen Park, City Centre, Town Centre Park, Mundy Park, Coquitlam Crunch Trail. 

Thanks to the 29 volunteers who came out for a collective 187 hours!

  • Before cutting in Coquitlam, check in with Robbin first: email.
  • What to wear:  sturdy shoes, comfortable clothes, a sunhat
  • What to bring: water, gardening or work gloves 



Coquitlam Crunch View 2022


Robbin Whachell
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Make plans for cut broom removal before you cut!  Unfortunately, MOTI is not able to remove broom cut on the highways.  If you contact Broombusters in advance, sometimes we can help.  At the very least, we can offer advice on cut broom disposal.  To be a Broombuster, contact Broombusters first!  Cut at your own risk. Be safe and have fun!

Coquitlam Begins Broombusting!

Our chapter started in 2022 with 29 enthusiastic volunteers and 187 hours of work. Our first community cut was on Earth Day and Glen Park was cleared of broom. We’re pleased to be working in partnership with the City of Coquitlam with support from the Hoy/Scott Watershed Society. If you see an area in Coquitlam in need of busting, please reach out to us. We’re interested in working with schools or community groups and encourage those living in neighboring Vancouver Lower Mainland municipalities to start a Broombusters’ chapter. Many hands make light work, so please join us!


Coquitlam Mundy Park 2022
Robbin Whachell Area Organizer Coquitlam 2022