2021 Broombusting Events
in the Alberni Valley

What’s happening now?

Your help is appreciated anywhere in the Alberni Valley. Want to take part? Contact Juliana, Wendy or Sue.  


Community Cuts in Port Alberni


 If you would like to cut broom with a group or on your own, please get in touch with Wendy, Sue or Julianna for directions regarding tools, cutting and stacking in this unusual year.

Faber Road & Stirling Arm Drive– ONGOING throughout May.  A group of individuals has been working to remove the broom along Faber Road and Stirling Arm Drive.. Your help in stopping broom from surrounding Sproat Lake would be greatly appreciated!  Even 2 hours a year.  Contact Julianna.

Cut Dates for 2021


Mid April - May 2021

May 20, 21 & 22. Thur, Fri, Saturday. 8:30 – Noon.  Between No Frills and the Staples unloading bay.   You can come for whatever time period is good for you.  Everything is appreciated.



May 4-6, 8:30-noon. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday,  SOMASS ESTUARY. in conjunction with the Alberni Valley Nature Club, we will be having a Community Cut on the Ducks Unlimited Lands on the Somass Estuary.  Contact Wendy to let her know you want to participate. 

The land is fairly wide open, with several different separate  areas, so there is lots of space for social distancing and if we get enough people we may be able to get the majority of it done next week.  We have arranged for a quad with trailer to move some of the broom to the roadside after we are finished with cutting, but if anyone has a smaller truck that would also be very helpful.


May 11, Tuesday, 6:15-8:15pm, Petsmart Triangle.  Meet at Petsmart parking lot (north/Lantzville end)  from there we will cross the northbound merge lane to access the triangle

May 13, Thursday, 6:15-8:15pm, Superior Rd -corner between North/Southwind 

May 15, Saturday, 9:30-11:30am, Lorenzen Lane -far end



Wendy Friberg
Email: wendyfriberg@gmail.com

Sue Thomas
Email: suzyqt@telus.net

Faber Road area:
Juliana McCaig
Email: juliana.mccaig@gmail.com
Phone: 250-723-7621

* Disclaimer: Pick up of Broom MUST be prearranged. MoT will not come to chip up broom you cut. BroomBusters may be able to help if you contact us in advance. Broombusters posts this page free of charge to your community but is not responsible for any activities listed or not listed in these communities. Cut at your own risk. Thank you. And have fun! We look forward to hearing from you.