2021 Broombuster Events in the Comox Valley


Bev Agur  /  Email: cvbroombusters@gmail.com

Community Cuts for Comox Valley

There will be many Broombusters at work in the Comox Valley this year!  A community at work together – apart.  Find out where the focus areas are, and when you might find others working there.  We take social distancing very seriously, but there is lots of room along the roads and in the parks.  You can also go out on your own!

The Comox Valley Broombusters work in the areas of Courtenay, Cumberland, Comox and the CVRD.  If you would like to find out more about Broombusting in the Comox Valley, please contact Bev at cvbroombusters@gmail.com.    Stay well!









We are keeping this list here to remind us of what we
will do again together – in 2021.

April 13, 2019 Saturday 9:30 am – noon. Little River Nature Park.

April 15-19, 2019. Monday – Friday 9:30 – noon. Little River Nature Park on Wilkinson Road.

April 20, Saturday 9:30 am – noon. Point Holmes Park on Lazo Road

April 22, Monday 9:30 – noon. Point Holmes Park at the corner of Lazo Rd and Sand Pines Drive.

April 23 – 24, Tuesday – Wednesday. Point Holmes Park until we have cut all of the broom.

April 25 and April 26, Thursday and Friday 9:30 – noon.  Guthrie Rd between Pritchard Rd. and Brooklyn school.

April 27, Saturday 9:30 am – noon. Buckstone neighbourhood.

April 29, Monday 9:30 – noon. Guthrie Road starting at Pritchard Road in front of Highland school.

April 30, Tuesday 9:30 – noon. Guthrie Road starting at Torrence and working towards Brooklyn school.

May 1st, Wednesday 9:30 – noon. Buckstone neighbourhood.

May 2nd, Thursday and May 3rd, Friday 9:30 – noon. Ryan Road beginning at Anderton and working towards Crown Isle.

May 4th, Saturday.  9:30 – noon. No. 1 Japanese Town in Coal Creek Historic Park, Cumberland.

May 6 – May 10, Monday -Friday, 9:30 am – noon. Ryan Road. We started at Anderton last week and are working our way towards Crown Isle Blvd. Look for our sign.

May 10, Friday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm. The folk from CFB Comox will be cutting broom at Air Force Beach and Broombusters are invited to join in.

May 11, Saturday 9:30 am – noon.  Cumberland Road on the Cumberland side of the Inland Highway.

May 13 – May 17, Monday – Friday 9:30 am – noon. We’ll be cutting broom in the Northeast Woods in Comox. It took us three years to clear the field of enormous broom trees.
May 18, Saturday 9:30 – noon. Chinese and Japanese cemeteries in Cumberland.
May 20, Monday 9:30 – noon. North side of Ryan Road .

May 21 – 24, Tuesday – Friday 9:30 am – noon. Northeast Woods in Comox.


May 25, Saturday 9:30 – noon. Northeast Woods in Comox.  Park in the parking lot at the end of Torrence Road past the Comox Public Works office.