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* Disclaimer. Pick up of Broom MUST be prearranged. MoT will not come to chip up broom you cut. Broombusters may be able to help if you ask us in advance. Broombusters posts this page free of charge to your community but is not responsible for any activities listed or not listed in these communities. Cut at your own risk. And have fun! We look forward to hearing from you.


2016 Broombusting Events in the Comox Valley

Contact: Bev Agur



We have finished having community cuts in the Comox Valley for 2016
as many of the broom plants have already gone to seed.
Look for us next year!


Comox Valley Broombusters Report. Comox Valley 2016.

Hello Broombusters,
What a successful year we have had cutting broom! Here are some of our accomplishments:

Community Cuts:

Northeast Woods: After three years we have finished clearing broom from the huge meadow area. There were some huge broom trees and we made good use of our new reciprocating saw. The Town of Comox has planted some trees in the area cleared 2 years ago and people have made paths through was was once a broom jungle.

Ryan Road:  All of the flowering broom plants between Crown Isle Road and Anderton Road were cut. This gives the appearance from the road that the broom is gone but any of us driving by will realize that it will be a multi year project to stay on top of the blooming broom (and thus keep it from going to seed) while we wait until other vegetation takes hold.

Guthrie and Pritchard Roads: The broom was cut bordering Highland School. This is a high visibility area and looks so much better now.

Nob Hill Greenway: This short greenway off Moore Road and the connecting right of way leading over to Sandcliffe Road were cleared of broom.

Rotary Trail: The broom along the Rotary Trail from 5th Street to 26th Street has been cut.

Cumberland Coal Hills Historic Park: We cut all of the broom in the coal hills adjacent to the Japanese Town Historic Site which we have cleared of broom over the past three years.

Highway 19 / Comox Valley Parkway Interchange: We were able to clear the broom from about 1/2 of the area between the highway and the northbound off ramp. This was slow going as the broom had been mechanically cut in the past and had thick intertwined low branches. 

Cumberland Inland Storage: We were paid to cut the broom in front of this business with the funds used to augment our tool and chipping budget.

There were many people in the community who spent time cutting broom in areas where we had been in previous years, looking after what had been missed or new plants that had emerged. There is not enough broom in these areas to have a community cut there but this continued maintenance work is so important!

A couple of neighbourhood groups got together to tackle the broom on their roads. Rennie Road and Sand Pines Drive and Cres. look much better thanks to their efforts. 

70 people were out from 19 Wing CFB Comox to cut broom at the end of Goose Spit past the cadet base. This is an enormous broom field and will keep them busy for at least another year.

Our thanks to Don Adams of Adams New Edge Sharpening (2351A Rosewall Cres. in Courtenay) for offering to sharpen our loppers at no charge throughout the season. Don has been helpful and accommodating, no matter how many times I dropped in with an armload of loppers.

For those of you who like statistics, here are a few for you:
27 community cuts
78 individuals out to community cuts
649 volunteer hours at community cuts
328 volunteer hours with groups (school groups, CFB Comox)
230 volunteer hours by individuals (as of 20 May - sore people have not yet submitted their hours)

As you drive around the Comox Valley pay attention to where there isn't broom - chances are there used to be broom there and it has been cut! Make note of where you think we should concentrate our efforts next year.

Thanks to all of you....those who came out day after day to community cuts, those who quietly took on a park, a neighbourhood or a street, those of you who cheer us on and who tell others about our work and those who support us financially. You are an amazing group of volunteers! 

Until next year,



NOTES on what we have cut in the past - before 2016:  I've checked out all of the areas where we cut the last couple of years and for the most part they are looking pretty good. I'm going to plan some mid-week cuts for us to return to some of those areas and look after what we missed or what has sprouted. If you live near any of these areas head on over with some loppers and see what you can do. All of this is small broom and can be cut and dropped (left where it is) to decompose.

Point Holmes Park - This park looks amazing! Some of the people who live in the area are going to look after the small amount of broom remaining in the park.
Lawrence Burns Park (behind the casino) - small scattered broom in the park.
Goose Spit and Hawkins Road - scattered, mostly small broom.
Piercy Walkway - scattered broom at both ends of the path
Crown Isle Park - scattered broom throughout
Ryan Road - Remember how much broom there was three years ago? The south side of the road is looking great with very little regrowth. Unfortunately there is lots of new growth on the north side, mostly due to poor soil conditions so little else grows there. Anyone who wants to roam along Ryan Road cutting any broom that is in blossom is welcome to do so and I'll set up some mid-week cuts there as well.
Hawk-Sheridan Greenway - It's been a few years since we cut the broom here. If you live in the area and want to take this on, pile the cut broom beside the paved path and I will arrange for pickup.
Hurford Hill - small scattered broom that can be cut and left.

If you are cutting broom on your own, please keep track of how much time you are spending and send me your volunteer hours at the end of the season. Also, please ensure that there is some way of disposing of the cut broom before you start! There is no broom pick up available on any of the roads in CVRD. These roads are managed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure who do not provide funds or personnel for broom removal.

Completed Cuts of 2016


Saturday April 16th from 9:30 am – noon: Guthrie Road at Pritchard Road in front of Highland School.  This area is a real eyesore and it would be great to get all of the broom cleared. Park along Pritchard Road.

Monday and Tuesday (April 18th and 19th): We'll be working beside Highland School along Pritchard Road this time. I'll have my car parked along Pritchard Road with the tools but since we'll be stacking the broom along there, I'd suggest the rest of you park in the school lot. Take the second entrance into the school off Pritchard Rd. and drive to the far end of the parking lot near the basketball court. This is the student lot and there should be enough parking spaces. (Parking spaces closer to Pritchard Road are for staff).

Wednesday April 20th: Nob Hill Greenway in Comox. This greenway connects Mullholland Drive and Moore Road with a connection to Sandcliffe Road. Moore Road is narrow and has no off road parking so it is best to park on Mulholland or Sandcliffe or on Butcher Road before it turns the corner and becomes Moore Road. Some really big broom and some reasonably sized broom too.
b: Rotary Trail in Courtenay. Meet at the train station off Cumberland Road. We cut broom here a couple of years ago and need to go back and cut what we missed.

Saturday April 23rd from 9:30 am - noon: Northeast Woods (park in the parking lot at the Torrence Road entrance).We cut an enormous amount of broom over the last two years and would like to finish this area if possible. Walk along the service road and turn right when you get to the big open field. There's some small broom that was missed last year (for people who like detail work) and some big broom trees for people who prefer that!

Monday April 25 - Friday April 29 - 9:30 - noon: We'll be back in the Northeast Woods every day. It would be great to clear all of the remaining broom from this field this year!

Saturday April 30th from 9:30 am – noon – Interchange at Highway 19 and Comox Valley Parkway. Broombusters has been given a small grant by the Ministry of Transportation this year and are using some of it to pay for chipping in the Comox Valley. Parking isn't easy here and I'm trying to figure out which part to take on (keeping in mind that we need to be able to pile the broom in a place where the chipper can stop). I'll keep you posted on where we'll be cutting as we get closer to that date.

Tuesday - Friday May 2-6.  We'll be working along Ryan Road starting at Anderton and working towards Crown Isle Blvd. This is all new growth within the past 3 years, so no giant broom trees to cut and stack. There's lots and lots of little stuff. We'll concentrate on anything with flowers and whatever we cut and can be left on the ground to decompose.

Saturday May 7th 9:30 - 12:00: Inland Storage on Ulverston Road in Cumberland. We're being paid to cut the broom on this property! Depending on how many volunteers come out, it shouldn't take all morning. We then would be able to return to cutting broom at the interchange.  


Monday May 9th - Friday May 13th 9:30 - noon: We'll continue along Ryan Road, cutting anything in flower. Look for us on the north (or west side depending on whether we have made it past the bend in the road). This is all small broom that we cut and leave. Bring some hand pruners and knee pads or something to kneel on.

Saturday May 14th 9:30 - noon: We'll be cutting broom in Cumberland in the coal hills adjacent to the No. 1 Japanese Historic Town. I'll send more information as we get closer to that date.

Monday May 16 – Tuesday May 17 9:30-noon: We’ll be cutting broom in the Buckstone neighbourhood of Courtenay. Drive along the Comox Valley Parkway and turn left onto Comox Logging Road (right if you are coming from Cumberland). Continue on past Fraser Road. The area is on the right across from Black Gold Landscaping Supplies. There is some parking on Buckstone Road and more by the houses above the pond area.



Completed Cuts of 2015

Apr 18 - Saturday. Northeast Woods - 41 people cut broom in the woods on Saturday, and had so much fun, they plan to continue every morning this week!
April 20, 21 - Monday - Tuesday from 9:30-noon. Northeast Woods.

April 22, 23, 24 - Wed to Friday. RYAN ROAD. 9:30-noon.
We'll start by Anderton Road and work our way back towards the car dealerships. This is small broom that has come up in the past year or two. Bring along a reflective vest and hand pruners if you have any. Drop by any day and join us for an hour or two.

April 25th - Saturday. Point Holmes Park (corner of Lazo Road and Sand Pines). There's lots of broom here and our hope is to get the park to a place where native species can be planted. Drive along Lazo Road and look for the Broombuster signs and the people wielding loppers and saws.

April 26th - Sunday. 9:30 – noon. Join us in Hurford Hill Nature Park in East Courtenay.We’ll meet on McPherson Place (off Hobson between Valleview and Malahat). Bring large tarp or wheelbarrow if you have one as we’ll need to transport the cut broom down to the road.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (April 27, 28, 30 and May 1st) 9:30 - noon: We'll be on Ryan Road. There are lots of small broom plants and we've decided to walk along and cut anything that is in bloom. Much of this can be cut using hand loppers (the kind you'd use in your garden). it's not as satisfying as broom trees but this prevents broom trees from happening! Look for us on the north side of the road, working our way towards the car dealerships. Bring hand loppers if you have them.

Wednesday, April 29th 9:30 - noon: We're returning to Point Holmes Park. Join us if you are able and we'll see if we can get the rest of the broom cleared! We need people to cut and people to haul the broom to the roadside.

Saturday May 2nd from 9:30 am – noon – Cumberland cemetery on Minto Road. From Courtenay turn right off the Connector Road onto Minto Road (left if you are coming from Cumberland) and follow the road to the cemetery. There is broom around the periphery of the cemetery where it is bordered by forest.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (May 4,6,7 and 8) 9:30 am - noon: We're returning to the Northeast Woods. If you haven't been there before, park in the parking lot past the Comox Public Works buildings at the top end of Torrence Rd. Walk past the yellow gate and follow the service road until you get to the meadow. You'll find loppers, saws and the sign in sheet there. Pick up your tools of choice and head down into the meadow where the huge piles of cut broom are.

Tuesday May 5th 9:30 am - noon: Crown Isle Park at the corner of Lerwick Rd. and Malahat East Courtenay. There's lots of parking at the back of the park on Crown Isle Dr. We'll do a once over of the park, cutting any broom that has come up in the past year (and looking after the broom that the students missed).

Tuesday May 5th starting at 7 pm: Skeena Park and then moving on to do some regrowth along Guthrie near Torrence. The park is between Rigdemount Dr. and Skeena Dr. in Comox and here is the map link. You can park on either Skeena or Ridgemount.

Saturday May 9th 9:30 am - noon: No. 1 Japanese Townsite in Coal Creek Historic Park, Cumberland. Drive along Comox Lake Road and look for the signpost. Turn left down the dirt road and there is parking by the coal hills. We have cut broom in this wonderful quiet park for the past 2 years and hopefully we'll get the rest cleared this year.

May 11, 14, 15 (Monday, Thursday, Friday) 9:30 – noon: We’re back in the Northeast Woods. Park at past the Public Works yard at the end of Torrence, walk past the yellow gate and follow the service road. You’ll find us to the right once you get to the meadow.

May 16 (Saturday) 9:30 – noon: We’re cutting broom in Harwood Estates off Wilkinson Road. Drive towards the Little River ferry dock and turn right onto Wilkinson Road just before you get to the ferry terminal. The first road to the left takes you into Harwood Estates. Park carefully along the road and walk along the short gravel access road just before the first house on the right. We are being paid to cut the broom over the septic field there and the funds received will augment our chipping budget for all of the broom we have been cutting in the Northeast Woods.

Monday and Tuesday (May18 and 19) 9:30 - noon: Our final days in the Northeast Woods before the chipper comes on Wednesday. Park as usual in the parking lot at the end of Torrence Road, walk past the yellow gate and follow the service road to the meadow. You'll find a wheelbarrow with tools and a sign in sheet there. We're over to the right side of the meadow where the broom is still standing - it's hard to see us from where we park the wheelbarrow but just look for the falling broom trees!

Thursday and Friday (May 21 and 22) 9:30 - noon: We're returning to the Japanese Chinese Cemeteries in Cumberland. From Courtenay, take the connector highway, drive under Highway 19 and turn left at the first street (Union Road, signposted to the cemeteries). A short distance along there will be a turn to the left to the cemetery parking lot.