2018 Broombuster Events in the Cowichan Valley:
Maple Bay, Chemainus, Southend, Lake Cowichan and More


General Information. Director Broomusters: Joanne Sales /  Email: info@broombusters.org
Maple Bay: Wendy Macpherson /  Email: macpherson15@yahoo.ca
Chemainus & Fuller Lake Arena: Jenny Godfrey: /  Email: jennygodfrey49@hotmail.com

Southend and Lake Cowichan area: Jan Dwyer   Email: jandwyer@shaw.ca

Broombusters appeared as a delegation to North Cowichan Council on Wednesday, Feb 21.   Thank you Council for your support!

Community Cuts for 2018 will be posted soon!
Wear Sturdy shoes, gloves, and bring water.

Cowichan Valley Community Cuts 2017

May 10, 2017 Wednesday  Arbutus Avenue –  9 am – 12
May 13, Saturday – 9:30-noon.  Behind Fuller Lake Arena.
May 17th,  Wednesday   Genoa Bay Road –  9 am – 12
May 18th,  Thursday    Stoney Hill Regional Park   2 – 5 pm
May 22nd  Monday  Stoney Hill Road  1 – 4 pm
May 24th  Wednesday  Stoney Hill Regional Park  9 am – 12 pm