2018 Broombuster Events in the Cowichan Valley:
Maple Bay, Chemainus, Southend, Lake Cowichan and More


General Information. Director Broomusters: Joanne Sales /  Email: info@broombusters.org
Maple Bay: Wendy Macpherson /  Email: macpherson15@yahoo.ca
Chemainus & Fuller Lake Arena: Jenny Godfrey: /  Email: jennygodfrey49@hotmail.com

Southend and Lake Cowichan area: Jan Dwyer   Email: jandwyer@shaw.ca

Broombusters appeared as a delegation to North Cowichan Council on Wednesday, Feb 21.   Thank you Council for your support!

Community Cuts for 2018
Wear Sturdy shoes, gloves, and bring water.

In Maple Bay & Chemainus & Southend & Lake Cowichan

People are cutting – email me if you want to help somewhere!
More volunteers needed.  Help!

Lake Cowichan
When: Sunday April 29 and May 6 from 10am to noon
Location: Highway 18 north side yellow fire sign 1km before the hwy 18
& Youbou Road intersection…..
Contact: Jennifer at jlfreshwater@shaw.ca
This section is completed!  Can you help in a new area?