2017 Broombuster Events in North Cowichan:
Maple Bay, Chemainus and More


General Information. Director Broomusters: Joanne Sales /  Email: info@broombusters.org
Maple Bay: Wendy Macpherson /  Email: macpherson15@yahoo.ca
Chemainus & Fuller Lake Arena: Jenny Godfrey: /  Email: jennygodfrey49@hotmail.com


Delegation:   Broombusters will appear as a delegation to North Cowichan Council at 1:30 on Wednesday, Feb 21.  Join us!

Community Cuts for Maple Bay

Wear Sturdy shoes, gloves, and bring water.

May 10, 2017 Wednesday  Arbutus Avenue –  9 am – 12
May 17th,  Wednesday   Genoa Bay Road –  9 am – 12
May 18th,  Thursday    Stoney Hill Regional Park   2 – 5 pm
May 22nd  Monday  Stoney Hill Road  1 – 4 pm
May 24th  Wednesday  Stoney Hill Regional Park  9 am – 12 pm

Community Cuts for Chemainus Area

May 13, Saturday – 9:30-noon.  Behind Fuller Lake Arena.  We cut there our very first year – 3 years ago.  Time to return!  Your presence is appreciated.