2020 Broombusting Events in Powell River


Terry Peters
Email: tpeters@powellriver.ca
Office: 604-485-4431
Fire Chief/Director of Emergency Services
City of Powell River B.C.

Community Cuts in Powell River

YES!  You can still cut broom in Powell River.  Please contact Fire Chief Terry Peters for details.  Your help is really needed!

MAY 4-29, 2020
Weekdays 8:30-noon & 1:00-4:00
Qathet Regional District Maintenance Facility
2815 Mccausland Road.
FREE DROP OFF of clean invasive plant material / No yard waste.


Do you want to cut broom along a road  in your community?  
Look at the How To video on this site.  Let Terry know what you want to do, so pick up can be arranged.  Cut low at ground level  & at your own pace but most of all have fun!  Pile in piles a little off the shoulder.  Take pictures to send to Terry Peters at tpeters@powellriver.ca for our wall of fame!

A Message from Fire Chief Terry Peters

Hello everyone!.  No matter what happens in the world the Broom is going to bloom. That vibrant yellow flower is just starting to show and the conditions over the last year have been a perfect growing season for this invasive plant.  Then of course the world Covid 19 pandemic came knocking on our doors and group efforts are now virtually impossible. Or is it? Well…..yes we are not going to put anyone at risk with a social gathering but individual efforts are absolutely possible to your own comfort level.

This year is a stay at home kind of year and do your own neighbourhood like before and if you want to be adventurous at a distance, re-trace your tracks from the previous years so we can be sure that infestations from disturbed soils has not produced more plants. As for pick up or drop off, the free round up event is happening from May 4th – 29th (poster attached) then of course if you have a pile that can’t be delivered let me know prior and the City crews or myself will try to arrange a pick up. Remember, this is for invasive plants only and must be pre-arranged first.

Also please also keep an eye out for illegal dumping sites for our lets talk trash team. Unfortunately with the burning ban in effect and the desire to clean your yard, some people have elected to not use our local dump and have decided to discard there trash and garden refuge on our powerlines and access roads in the community even more so. This is not legal and unfortunately spreads invasive species as well so we need to get that word out to stop it and cleanup the sites already there. A big ask but a collaborative effort needs to be done from the community to solve this unfortunate community wide problem.

As always, I am here to answer any questions and will send out updates on cuts being done and other invasive species news.  So please do send me pictures of yourselves cutting broom or just having fun works too!

Thanks again and stay safe everyone,