2019 Broombusting Events in Powell River


Terry Peters
Email: tpeters@cdpr.bc.ca
Office: 604-485-4431
Fire Chief/Director of Emergency Services
City of Powell River B.C.

Community Cuts in Powell River

Please pile it on the roads edge. Cut low at ground level  & at your own pace but most of all have fun!  If your looking for more sites try a block radius of your own home & take pictures to send to Terry Peters at tpeters@cdpr.bc.ca for our wall of fame!

Cuts for 2019 are complete.

Thank you to all volunteers!



NEWS from Powell River

This year broom busting will cutting with students from a variety of schools, learn to cut broom and make invasive species a life time initiative. Contact Fire Chief Terry Peters to organize a class or group cut at tpeters@powellriver.ca

-Get your T-Shirts! Powell River broom busters are cutting in style. We have authentic Powell River Broom Busters t-shirt for sale. Again contact Chief Peters to get yours.

-The Burn Boss has arrived! On site incineration is possible, so if you have invasive plants contact the Regional District or the City Parks Department to work out a plan for an invasive free neighborhood.

-Powerline Cutting is underway! BC Hydro along with Brookfield Power are hard at work on Lot 450 with a commitment to combat broom. A great effort from our Corporate friends is much appreciated!