Broombusters Active All Over Vancouver Island

Although we have had to work around the record breaking rain and cold weather, volunteers are making good progress cutting the broom.  The broom is finally blooming, about a month late.  Sooke and Coquitlam are the newest communities to start Broombuster groups.  We will add more details to this post to let you know what is happening in all communities.

Coquitlam’s First Cut in Glen Park.


 RESOLUTION from the Town of Qualicum Beach for AVICC 2023 

Control of Scotch Broom (Cytisus Scoparious) 

WHEREAS Climate Change brings us longer periods of drought and hotter temperatures in which Scotch broom, a highly flammable invasive species with high oil content and dry branches, will thrive and act as a volatile flash fuel, increasing the risk of wildfires and specifically Urban Interface Fires; and 

WHEREAS Scotch broom spreads densely and rapidly, inhibiting forests regrowth, and negatively impacting agricultural production and native species, with a 2021 study for the Invasive Species Council of BC (ISCBC) designating Scotch broom as the Top Worse Offender – the invasive species doing the greatest harm to species at risk in BC; 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that AVICC and UBCM work with the Province to establish and implement actionable steps to control the aggressive spread of Scotch broom all across BC, including implementing broom-free fire breaks along long stretches of broom; and 

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED, that local governments are encouraged to use bylaws and policies to control and manage Scotch broom near and within urban boundaries.